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Teen Vogue

For Black Women, the Hair Salon and Beauty Supply Store Are Sacred Spaces

Beauty supply stores hold a unique place in the lives of Black women. Whether they need kanekalon hair to complete a set of box braids, tracks to finish a sew-in weave, or something to sleek down their edges, it’s one of the few spaces where Black women and their beauty needs aren’t an afterthought…


Black Girl Church: Why We’re So Obsessed With the Beauty Supply Store

For a lot of Black women — Afro-Latinas included — the beauty supply store holds a very special place in our hearts. Being Dominican-American and growing up in Queens meant weekly trips to the Dominican hair salon and the beauty supply store to buy the products I needed to care and style my hair….

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Black Girl Church Is A Love Story Between Black Women And Our Hair

Every black girl knew the sentiment growing up. You sat between your momma’s legs as she worked the gels and creams throughout your tresses. She’d sort through your thick hair with her weapon of choice; A rattail comb, a paddle brush, or maybe even her hands…