Support Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores

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One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to supporting beauty supply stores is simply that we don’t know where they are. A mission of Black Girl Church is to shine a light on black owned beauty supply stores so they can thrive. We’ll be posting an ongoing list of black owned beauty supply stores from all over the US, in the hopes that you’ll find one near you to support.

Find your local beauty supply store here. This comprehensive list was supplied courtesy of Jeffrey Beauty Supply at 1709 St. Marks Ave. store (Corner of Eastern Parkway and St. Marks Ave.) in Brooklyn, New York. Sade Ogunkeyede of Jeffrey Beauty Supply is a star of “Black Girl Church” and one of the main reasons we knew we needed to highlight black owned beauty supply stores everywhere. The stores on this list are all over the U.S. and include stores in Europe as well.

For a real time Twitter thread of black owned beauty supply stores, see here.